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Web Site Management, Inc., specializes in Internet development strategies for both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions to meet the growing demand for businesses to compete successfully in today's highly competitive Internet marketplace.

Web Site Management, Inc. has proven with its extraordinary success that our business model works. This system can also be easily adapted to other niche markets to provide your web site with the traffic you are looking for. We offer many different programs so that you can find the right balance between product and price.


Custom Web Design
True craftsmen ship is rare in today's cookie-cutter world where many web design companies have a predetermined set of elements and the customer picks something from column A and other from column B until they end up with generic hodgepodge that passes as their web site.

At Web Site Management, it's a process that begins with the fusion of our creative design sensitivities and Internet experience with the clients understanding of their industry, their local market and the image they want to present to the worldwide audience. In the end, the client ends up with a unique, custom designed web site that expands their profit potential, sets them apart from their competition and enhances their business' image.


Delivering Your Dynamic Content from Your Showroom to Your Web Site
It makes little sense to have an impressive store front in a busy shopping mall, but when your potential customer walks into your showroom it's empty. Yet many savvy business owners fail to grasp that concept when it comes to their web sites.

When an Internet buyer is the hodgepodge market for a product or service you offer and visits your site, you have a few seconds to convince them you have what they need. Failing that, your buyer is off and has another 100 or more places and will eventually find the a site that delivers the content. Why let your competition make the sale?

Web Site Management has invested more than ten years in developing tools to make it easy for businesses to get their showroom content into the their web sites so they can show it or sell it.

We have worked with clients on both B2C and B2B solutions. For example, we developed a B2B solution for American Recreation Equipment (ARE Wholesale), a warehouse distributor, so dealer clients could visit their catalog on line and place orders.

Our latest B2C product is a portable online parts and accessories store for boat dealers. (See What's New)

Build Your Own RV-- Web Site Management developed the first portable build-your-own vehicle program customizable for various dealers based on the manufacturers and brands they carried so a customer could not only see all the standard features available but a list of options and then generate an invoice with the dealers suggested retail price.

Other custom solutions have included such programs as the National RV Classified Search and Enhanced On Line RV Classified Ad program for the San Diego Union-Tribune (

The bottom line is Web Site Management can work with you to make your Internet effectives begin to put dollars in your cash register.


Adding e-commerce to your web site changes the dynamics (and profitability) of your Internet marketing strategies from "show and tell" to "show and SELL." Without the ability to sell your products online, your web site, no matter how attractive, is little more than a glorified Yellowpage ad.


Web Hosting
Web Site hosting is a service we provide for clients in our network operations center (NOC) because we can more effectively serve them by offering this service. It is part of our total solution philosophy and custom client care. We are not a general hosting company. Many of the programs we offer are adaptable whether or not the client is hosted in our NOC.


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